July 26 2006
Congratulations, you have negotiated the best freight program ever for your company. Now, how do you make it translate into a better bottom line? This is not easy. Remember, contract compliance is not... View More
July 24 2006
Shipping and distribution operations have a direct impact on the bottom line for any organization. Consistently being able to select the right carrier for the right customer and delivering parcels and... View More
July 24 2006
In todays rapidly-changing, deregulated transportation environment, a purchaser of transportation can significantly influence the bottom line of his or her company. Costs for freight paid by their company... View More
July 24 2006
Question: The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit (West Coast) held on February 11, 2003 that a clause in AT&T�s contract that required long distance customers to submit claims to mandatory arbitration... View More
July 21 2006
Question: I was told that UPS just issued a new tariff, but we were never informed by UPS of it. Are we bound by any increases in charges or any other changes? Answer: Absolutely! Every shipper... View More