Feb. 18 2007
Editors Note: After the untimely passing of regular contributor William Augello in late 2006, the regular Ask Augello column was discontinued. However, beginning with the May issue of PARCEL, we will be... View More
Jan. 31 2007
Editors Note: After the untimely passing of long-time contributor William Augello, PARCEL magazine searched for a columnist to take on the unenviable position of filling Mr. Augellos shoes. We found... View More
Nov. 21 2006
Q: There has been a lot of talk lately about the friction going on between the IRS and UPS. What exactly is the nature of their argument, and how is each side defending its respective position? A: ... View More
Nov. 21 2006
The international arena is just one area in which 3PLs can help your business The term 3PL (third-party logistics services provider) is a common buzzword in the industry today. But what has... View More
Sept. 8 2006
QUESTION: Can FedEx deny liability for a damaged guitar that I sold over eBay, when I purchased insurance for its sales value? FedExs ground for denial of liability is that I did not protect the guitar... View More
July 26 2006
Question: The trade journals report about the new rate increases being published by parcel express carriers, but they never tell us about rule changes. Are parcel express shippers bound by rule changes... View More
July 26 2006
Question: How do I, as a shipper, make a �third party� liable for the payment of freight charges under the following scenario? Answer: A buyer sends me a purchase order for shipping to his customer... View More
July 25 2006
Question: Is there anything that parcel shippers and receivers can do to improve their recovery of claims for damage that occurs while in the possession of parcel express carriers? Answer: Yes.... View More
July 24 2006
Editor�s Note: In the last few years, Academia has (finally!) taken a real interest in logistics and supply chain management. There are now many fine programs in logistics, both degree and continuing education,... View More
July 24 2006
Question: Can I really trust UPS Logistics to audit UPS own bills, or should I hire an independent transportation consultant? Answer: No corporation enjoys being monitored for its errors and omissions,... View More
July 24 2006
Question: The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit (West Coast) held on February 11, 2003 that a clause in AT&T�s contract that required long distance customers to submit claims to mandatory arbitration... View More
July 24 2006
Question: What Can Green Do for You? Answer: A The recent announcement that 170 Con-gressional leaders wrote to the Federal Maritime Commission in support of United Parcel Service�s application... View More
July 21 2006
Question: I was told that UPS just issued a new tariff, but we were never informed by UPS of it. Are we bound by any increases in charges or any other changes? Answer: Absolutely! Every shipper... View More