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Multi-media marketing campaigns are emerging as the most effective way to reach an audience. Why? Decision makers utilize an array of mediums when making a purchase depending on where they are in the buying cycle. PARCEL can take you into the new age of multi-media advertising and marketing by delivering your message to our highly targeted audience -- any way you want!

Magazines (print and digital) provide branding and lead-generating opportunities through advertising, but check out our media kit for other attention-grabbing marketing concepts that will get your message noticed. Digital versions keep your message online for a year. Whenever you buy an ad in our printed magazine, your ad automatically is included in our digital magazine -- no extra cost, no extra work; simply more exposure for your dollar. To draw more attention to your message in the digital version, we have the ability to animate your ad, add video or audio, link to your website and more.

E-Delivery sends your message straight to your target's desktop with timely electronic means of communication. Sponsor an e-newsletter, email notification, or email alert to deliver your message.

Online opportunities abound on this website from video streams to white papers to ads to sponsorships and more.

Webcasts offer the educational venue that mailing operation professionals crave. You can sponsor or produce the webcast; we will take care of all the details and marketing.

PARCEL's one-on-one event gives you the unique opportunity to meet our subscribers.

And more, and more, and more -- check out our media kit for direct mail campaigns, marketing piece distribution at industry events, target customer research, and industry award sponsorships.

Your Way: Contact Ken Waddell, VP of Sales and Marketing to discuss your ideas and to put your marketing package together. 
Email:  Office: 608.235.2212.
Please fill out the information below to access our Media Kit, to learn about the exciting advertising opportunities. Our sales representatives can cater to your specific marketing needs.

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