Oct. 14 2008
Perhaps you negotiated your small parcel contracts awhile back. So you think those negotiations are in the past for now. Well, it’s quite possibly time to think again. With an economy that hasn’t... View More
Aug. 27 2008
Negotiating pricing with a carrier is similar to buying a car. There is the notorious sticker price. You expect to get a discount, and you assume that you have negotiated well after several rounds of having... View More
May 30 2008
I hear it all the time: I have great rates from my parcel carrier. But what I find when I probe a little deeper is that most shippers have focused on only half of the equation. Getting great rates from... View More
Jan. 14 2008
It is that time of year again where the small parcel carriers outline the new rates and charges for the coming year. The rate increase/surcharge and accessorials increases are detailed in the links... View More
April 25 2007
In this final part of our series on common frustrations shippers experience with their carriers, we will discuss relationships with carrier representatives. Although shippers are generally pleased with... View More
April 25 2007
I had the opportunity for over three decades to be a peddler of Parcel Services. I can recall one day getting a call from Dick Ward, the corporate traffic manager of Burroughs Corporation, headquartered... View More
Feb. 18 2007
Prices continue to escalate in the parcel/express industry at an unprecedented rate. Last fall, PARCEL published a survey conducted by Morgan Stanley stating that only 11% of major shippers utilized consultants.... View More
Sept. 8 2006
Back in the last century, the Internet was going to be the great leveler in the mail order industry (if you remember the term Mail Order, you may be older than some of the new start-ups!). And in many... View More
July 26 2006
Question: The trade journals report about the new rate increases being published by parcel express carriers, but they never tell us about rule changes. Are parcel express shippers bound by rule changes... View More
July 26 2006
Question: How do I, as a shipper, make a �third party� liable for the payment of freight charges under the following scenario? Answer: A buyer sends me a purchase order for shipping to his customer... View More
July 26 2006
Congratulations, you have negotiated the best freight program ever for your company. Now, how do you make it translate into a better bottom line? This is not easy. Remember, contract compliance is not... View More
July 26 2006
Inbound vendor compliance � and the related savings on shipping � has become a hot cost-saving opportunity. If your company receives and pays for products from outside vendors, you can�t afford to overlook... View More
July 24 2006
Question: The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit (West Coast) held on February 11, 2003 that a clause in AT&T�s contract that required long distance customers to submit claims to mandatory arbitration... View More
July 24 2006
Shipping and distribution operations have a direct impact on the bottom line for any organization. Consistently being able to select the right carrier for the right customer and delivering parcels and... View More
July 24 2006
In todays rapidly-changing, deregulated transportation environment, a purchaser of transportation can significantly influence the bottom line of his or her company. Costs for freight paid by their company... View More
July 21 2006
Question: I was told that UPS just issued a new tariff, but we were never informed by UPS of it. Are we bound by any increases in charges or any other changes? Answer: Absolutely! Every shipper... View More