May 25 2018
Much has been written in the media lately about Amazon extending the benefits of its logistics network to transactions other than those originating at Amazon’s fulfillment centers (personally, I... View More
May 23 2018
We haven’t reached summer yet, but UPS has decided it’s never too early to start making rate changes. It has already changed its fuel surcharge tables for air export, effective the first week... View More
May 21 2018
You’ve made the decision to implement a warehouse management system (WMS) – good choice. You will now be able to visualize a 99.9% increase in accuracy of inventory, reduced order processing... View More
May 16 2018
Customers keep flexing their collective muscles by choosing to spend their money with companies who not only provide the products they want, but with a delivery method, time, and cost they find accept
May 14 2018
It is common knowledge that measurement is the key to effective management. This is especially true for shippers attempting to manage their parcel programs and better control their costs. In fact, a r
May 10 2018
This article originally appeared in the March/April, 2018 issue of PARCEL.The international e-commerce market is growing at 25% per year and is just beginning to capture the attention of merchants all
May 8 2018
I’ve compiled five effective practices that we, and our medical device customers, have used to reduce the environmental impact of shipping-related waste. These small steps can make a big difference.... View More
May 7 2018
With the 2018 general rate increase, FedEx and UPS are further tightening the vise for oversize packages. What has changed? To start, here is a comparison of 2017 vs. 2018 parameters for oversize pack
May 2 2018
You are all aware that there are many ways that warehouse management affects your operation, and without question, choosing the right partner can make the difference. During peak times and&n... View More
May 2 2018
Millennials comprise almost a third of the US population and spend about $1.2 trillion yearly, more than any other generation, respectively. To attract and keep this highly valuable audience, online b
May 1 2018
The US economy seems to be chugging along in the right direction. 2017 real GDP growth was 2.3%, compared to 1.5% in 2016. Retail sales for the all-important holiday season were the highest since 2010
April 27 2018
The marketplace is more saturated than ever before, and as a result, businesses are under constant pressure to make an impact on the average consumer. Of course, you’ll need to ensure your product... View More
April 25 2018
Keeping up with parcel industry changes is a challenge. The pace of industry evolution is rapid, and it’s becoming more complex — and costly. Parcel shipping rates are increasing at more than... View More
April 18 2018
A short time ago in an introductory lecture, a professor gave his students a simple lesson. He said, "Everyone, get out your calculators and enter the following: ‘One plus one multiplied by t... View More
April 13 2018
This article originally appeared in the March/April, 2018 issue of PARCEL. Annual shipping rate increases are an expected occurrence for shippers and customers alike. Shippers understand and acce... View More
April 11 2018
There comes a point in nearly every growing e-commerce merchant’s journey when the topic of scalability must be explored. Scalability might take many forms for this growing business, but managing... View More
April 5 2018
Last month, we published part one of a two-part series on the top enterprise labeling trends affecting the supply chain. This month, we'll take a look at the role analytics and cloud technology play... View More
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April 4 2018
With Amazon’s recent announcement of Shipping with Amazon, in which the company will pick up and ship packages to customers (effectively removing the need for third-party carriers), there’s
April 3 2018
Across the materials handling industry, labor costs frequently comprise as much as 50% of the expenses at any individual warehouse. The industry is labor-intensive by nature... View More
March 29 2018
Imagine ordering a new computer or buying a set of golf clubs in the morning. And it arrives at your house two hours later. That’s same-day delivery, and it has the power to shift the last-mile... View More