When the holidays come around, will your e-commerce be prepared to handle the spike in shipment volume? Preparation is the key to success. No need to stress!

As a result of the pandemic during 2020, e-commerce sales and small parcel shipping rates rose to unprecedented heights. From 2019, e-commerce sales in the US increased by 30%, reaching $791 billion in 2020. So, how are these e-commerce companies keeping up with the skyrocketing consumer demand?

One of the key takeaways the supply chain industry took from 2020 is the need to be agile. Agile companies are better off against unexpected supply chain challenges like COVID-19 or peak holiday shipping. Lucky for you, e-commerce companies are in a great position to improve their flexibility.

Let's dive into the three ways your e-commerce group can prepare for the peak holiday shipping season.

1. Diversify Carrier Options for Better Freight Rates and Happier Customers

It's important to not put all your eggs in one basket! Don't risk not meeting your customers' demands by sticking to just a handful of carriers. A multi-carrier shipping strategy for your e-commerce will handle the high demand of the holiday season to avoid slowing down your logistics process. In addition, you'll save plenty of shipping costs by using regional carriers to carry out your last-mile delivery process during the holidays.

2. Improve Supply Chain Transparency with Package Tracking Capabilities

One of the first few steps you should take for a more flexible supply chain is to gain better control of it. And greater visibility grants you the control you need to take charge of each stage of the shipping cycle. So, how can you improve supply chain transparency of your e-commerce business? Integrate a tracking software to receive instant, real-time notifications of your package's delivery process! Not only will you be notified, but you can also enable automatic notifications for your customers to receive as well. With parcel tracking at your disposal, your customers will be reassured knowing when their packages will arrive. Customers that have this peace of mind will help boost the customer lifetime value and retention.

3. Automate Shipping Processes to Optimize Shipment Planning

When purchase orders start flowing in at an overwhelming rate, it's hard not to want your shipment processing to speed up. A shipping software with configurable business rules can keep up with your e-commerce requirements during peak shipping season. During the pandemic, agile companies found themselves better positioned to manage supply chain challenges because of their previous technological investments. Don't let your e-commerce fall behind; it's time to speed up your digital transformation plans!

Are you ready to outperform your e-commerce peers this peak holiday shipping season?

Joseph Cabrera is the Managing Partner at ShipERP, the multi-carrier shipping software for enterprises around the world. Cabrera has over 25 years in logistics management, project management, and software development to transform your digital supply chain. Learn more at shiperp.com.