Neopost USA, an expert in the preparation, delivery and management of business communications, commissioned The Colography Group, a specialist in empirically-based transportation market research and consulting, to prepare a study measuring shippers’ perceptions of sales force effectiveness. 

The study, titled “The Importance of an Effective Sales Force in the U.S. Shipping Marketplace,” answers three important questions that the shipping industry wants and needs to know: 1) What makes a shipping industry sales representative effective? 2) What sales qualities are most valued? 3) How do the leading package carriers compare?

Top-notch sales employees are increasingly prized in the shipping industry as it becomes more and more commoditized. The distinguishing characteristics among shipping competitors now center on reliability and individual relationships that the service providers’ principal customer touch-point – their sales organizations – can deliver. 

“The intent of our study was to place dimensions around how the major carriers compare on this increasingly important aspect of competitiveness,” says Vincent DeAngelis, Neopost USA’s Vice President of Postal Relations. “It all comes down to treating customers right, respecting them, responding quickly and being open and accessible. Shippers who want to grow their businesses and increase their revenue should read our study to find out the exact factors they must assimilate to build long-term customer loyalty.” 

You can see the full Neopost USA study here

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About The Colography Group, Inc.
The Colography Group, based in Atlanta, GA, delivers primary research, strategic planning and new program development services to businesses looking to identify and capitalize on growth opportunities in the global time-definite, or expedited, cargo market, as well as to governments worldwide. Its suite of proprietary databases is based on information gained from detailed interviews with hundreds of thousands of shipping decision makers. Through this statistically representative interview sample, The Colography Group extracts market intelligence clients use to plan their transportation strategies. For more information on The Colography Group, visit