This survey always seems to be a draw for many of our readers;
    I think part of it has to do with the fact that it allows them
    to rate their carriers' performance. After all, who doesn't like
    to give their opinions on things that affect them? I know I do;
    no comment card in a store or restaurant is safe from my pen.
    I have opinions, and I'm not afraid to share them. It appears
    that many of our readers are the same way.

    What is interesting about these results, though, is that people seem eager to
    share both the good and the bad. I recall reading something
    during a marketing class in college; the author said that people
    will share a positive experience with approximately three
    people, while they'll share a negative one with approximately
    nine. Yes, folks, we are three times as likely to complain about
    a product, service or company (and let others know about our
    complaints!) than we are to share a positive story about the
    same item. So one might think that perhaps the people who are
    drawn to answering these surveys are those who want to share
    their negative experiences, but that doesn't really seem to be
    the case.

    Oh, sure, people let us know when they're unhappy
    with someone (almost a full fifth of our respondents rates UPS'
    on-time delivery as "poor," for example), but I thought it was
    interesting that many, many people ranked the carriers' customer
    service, on-time delivery performance, etc. as "good" or
    "excellent." Even with those rate increases rearing their ugly
    heads come January, people still seem satisfied with the Big
    Two, overall.
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