May 7 2010 08:49 AM

Everywhere you look today, businesses are searching for ways to expand their reach, increase profit margins and adopt environmentally sound practices. The signs of a recovering economy together with a more sophisticated understanding of the relative impact their business practices have upon the planet are creating new opportunities for businesses to grow green. As an early proponent of the sustainability movement, the Postal Service now occupies an enviable position within the highly competitive shipping industry with a full slate of environmentally friendly products and services, along with a sales force poised to offer a hand to shippers who are just thinking about going green or those ready to jump in with both feet.

"This is an exciting year for us in the Postal Service, and a time of dynamic change in the package delivery business, particularly as customers evaluate their role in contributing to a more sustainable future," says Susan Plonkey, Vice President, Sales. "To meet the new set of challenges and opportunities in the industry, we've equipped our sales team with the tools they need to meet the shipping requirements for customers of any size." 

Each member of the USPS sales team is focused on designing solutions that help customers grow their business, manage their costs and do it in an environmentally friendly way. The Postal Service's strengths in the first and last mile of delivery are key factors in providing solutions that help businesses grow while managing their sustainability footprint. 

Members of the USPS sales team are able to support their business partners with the right mix of package solutions built with sustainability in mind. And with more than 200 years of experience, customers can rest assured the Postal Service will deliver reliable, affordable service while continuing to build upon its position as the industry leader for responsible sustainability practices.

"We are uniquely positioned in the marketplace with a set of competencies well-suited to the latest trends in the package shipping industry," says Plonkey. "Whether you're a national firm evaluating your end-to-end logistics network to achieve greater efficiencies, or an entrepreneur with a startup business focused on exporting products around the world, we have a compelling story to tell — and green solutions to sell."

From offering recycled packaging materials to developing convenient package return solutions leveraging its first and last mile capabilities, the Postal Service has the products, the visibility and tracking capability and dependable service today's successful businesses demand. And they do it with a delivery fleet that includes more than 43,000 alternate fuel capable vehicles.

Rather than allowing itself to become complacent, the Postal Service recognizes the market changes constantly and has made the commitment to change with it. "Our sales team is reaching out like never before with the know-how and can-do attitude to take your business to the next level," says Plonkey, "and we stand ready to work with your team to grow green. Sustainability is our calling card, developing strategies to help grow your business our core strength and identifying cost-effective business solutions from the loading dock to the doorstep our value proposition. The bottom line is this: we're uniquely positioned in the industry to meet your needs, and we get it done green."

For customers with shipping needs engaged in any phase of the sustainability process, now is an excellent time to hitch your wagon to a sustainability star. Going Green is here to stay, and market forces will tend to favor those working with partners making the commitment to reducing their carbon footprint and developing more creative ways of doing business while protecting the planet. 

"The light has turned green, and green means grow!" says Plonkey. "We want our business partners to know they have the full commitment of the entire sales team to provide them with the support and shipping expertise they need to meet the challenges of the marketplace."