On December 3rd FedEx posted a preview of their 2010 Ground rates stating an average increase of 4.9%. As in past years, FedEx Ground rates mirror the UPS Ground rates through 70 lb. and are $0.05 less 71-150 lb.

The change impact could vary from the 4.9% announcement depending on your shipment distribution pattern. The 1-5 lb, zone 2-8 average increase is 6.4%; the 1-10 lb, zone 2-8 average increase is 6.2%; while the 71-150 lb, zone 2-8 average is 4.7%. 

FedEx also posted their 2010 Fuel Surcharge changes for Express and Ground. The new tables match the fuel surcharge calculation changes UPS announced in late-November.

In addition, FedEx states that they will have a copy of the 2010 Service Guide available for download on December 18th.

Links to the newly posted information are posted below. 

View 2010_FedEx_Ground_Rates_Preview.pdf
View 2010_FedEx_Ground_Multiweight_Rates_Preview.pdf
View 2010 FedEx Fuel Surcharge.pdf