DCS Mailroom Plus is a powerful mail output management software solution designed for mid-sized offices and mailrooms. Replacing Haslers IntelliRead software, DCS Mailroom Plus is an entry level element of Haslers Integrated Document Management solution. DCS Mailroom Plus is designed to accelerate and enhance the preparation and printing of critical business documents for mailing jobs. The software allows customers with existing Hasler folder/inserter systems to increase the value of their mailroom equipment by delivering enhanced security of critical customer business documents, significant postage savings and increased productivity.

Modularity Provides Increased Power
DCS Mailroom Plus offers three modules which can be purchased separately or together: Optical Mark Recognition (OMR), Postal Optimization, and Grouping and Sorting. The DCS Mailroom Plus OMR module provides increased security, ensures document integrity and eradicates most errors by document page sequencing and maintaining document page count. By automating variable length document processing, OMR also eliminates manual document handling which in turn saves valuable time for mailroom operators. The Postal Optimization interface module automatically corrects address information to match special postal automation discounting requirements. It also minimizes the volume of returned mail, allowing users to save money on wasted postage and improve customer communication. DCS Mailroom Plus Grouping and Sorting module reduces the number of mailings and increases customer satisfaction by grouping documents into one mail piece, allowing users to save on stationery and mailing costs.

Ease of Operation and Customization Means Increased Productivity and Savings
Using a wizard-based job setup system, DCS Mailroom Plus Job Builder technology allows tasks to be performed error-free, increasing day to day mailroom operator efficiency. With the capability of supporting up to 60ppm, DCS Mailroom Plus provides maximum productivity. The capability to create electronic overlays increases the users ability to customize customer communications, while eliminating the cost of printing and storing pre-printed forms.


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