ACMGs newly-released International Air Freight and Express Industry Performance Analysis 2006 provides a detailed assessment of the industry and the companies that compete in this global market.  Industry-wide revenue is now estimated at more than $70 billion per year.


The new report finds that the industry grew at a mid-single-digit rate in 2006, and that global traffic levels are up 36% since the unprecedented decline that took place in 2001.


Other key findings of the report include:


  • the interest in freighters is at an all-time high, with a backlog of more than 250 large-capacity freighters (new production and converted units)
  • international express traffic grew 9.5% in 2006 to reach 2.267 million shipments per day
  • a consolidation trend continues among industry participants, although shippers are showing some resistance to the one-stop-shop concept
  • we continue to see substantial expansion of cargo operations by airlines based in China, India and the Middle East
  • high fuel costs remain a major concern for the air freight industry, and there is anecdotal evidence of a shift of some high-value goods from air to ocean delivery due to increasing air freight prices.


For the rest of the report, please see the attached PDF.


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