Nov. 21 2017 08:52 AM

As always, we are thankful that Morgan Stanley allows us to share these results with our readers, as they provide a benchmark of where the industry is and where it is heading. We’ve pulled out the most relevant international statistics (although we did leave in some stats regarding domestic shipments so you can see how the two compare), but if you’re interested in the full survey results, which are far too numerous to include here, you can visit

Some Highlights from the Most Recent Results Include:

1. Ground and international volume growth outlook decline; slight increase in air

2. Shippers anticipate approximately a two percent average parcel base rate increase over next six months for air, ground, and international

3. Shippers’ expectations for B2C as a percentage of total parcel shipment increase from prior survey

Download the PDF to see the results that ran in our recent international issue!

View MorganStanleyFinal.pdf