Pullquote: Corporations are remiss in not sending at least one management member to [the Forum] to be on top of the rapidly changing trends in logistics.


    For the past three years, Parcel Shipping & Distribution Forum has kept up with the fastest growing sector of the logistics industry... small-package delivery. Considering that this fast-paced and ever-changing market was responsible for shipping and delivering more than five billion packages last year, keeping up with that market is easier said than done. If you are involved in the shipping industry in any manner, its easy to feel at a loss. Luckily, youre not alone.


    The days of brown paper wrapped boxes with twine showing up on your doorstep two weeks after they were sent are gone. Todays customers are much more demanding and a lot less forgiving.


    Partnered with Parcel Shipping & Distribution, the voice of the small-shipment industry, Parcel Shipping & Distribution Forum features content that would typically take attendance at four or five different conferences to obtain. Now, companies can send key logistics personnel to one event aimed squarely at showing them how to ship more packages, more frequently, more efficiently and ultimately more profitably. As always, the forum exceeded my expectations. All major shippers should be here. Corporations are remiss in not sending at least one management member to be here to be on top of the rapidly changing trends in logistics, says Jerry Hempstead, a retired carrier executive.


    The forum is built on offering an integrated process perspective that covers the entire order-to-shipment cycle from order entry, picking, packing, material handling, compliance labeling, parcel sorting, manifesting, transportation and final delivery. You see, in todays competitive market, shipping logistics has become a competitive weapon for many companies. These businesses understand the synergy between front-end sales and back-end fulfillment and that these two aspects can no longer operate mutually exclusive of each other. Rather, they must work hand-in-hand to achieve optimal levels of success.


    Whether you work within a business-to-business or business-to-consumer environment, your success ultimately hinges on your ability to deliver products in a timely and profitable manner. To help you achieve this, Parcel Shipping & Distribution Forum has assembled some of the brightest minds the parcel shipping industry has to offer. The Forum features more than 25 sessions that cover the entire small-shipment process. Attendees can customize their conference program specifically to meet their individual needs. Management personnel often design agendas with the understanding that implementing just one new idea can have a major impact on your operation and provide your company with a competitive advantage.


    Aside from the conference, the Forum will showcase 50 hand-picked companies that have the products and services to help attendees apply what they are learning. Featuring dedicated, non-compete hours, attendees can spend quality time in a pressure-free atmosphere conducive to doing business. I was looking for ideas on shipping practices and new technology. I got education on whatll happen with prices, accessorial charges, fuel surcharges. I ship about 25,000 units a day, so a one percent change is a big deal to me, says Howard Meister, Director of Logistics at Newegg.com


    At the end of the day, Parcel Shipping & Distribution Forum is built to do one thing... provide the small-shipment industry with an event that it can call its own. And much like the industry we serve, its fast-paced, ever-changing and educational. Dont be left behind as the rest of the shipment industry surges ahead; make your plans to attend today.


    Register for Parcel Shipping & Distribution Forum, held September 11-13, 2006 at the Hyatt Regency OHare in Rosemont, IL, by visiting www.parcelforum.com or calling toll-free 866-378-4991. If you are interested in exhibiting or sponsoring, please call 203-378-8853 or e-mail info@eventevolution.com.