CHICAGO CarrierDirect, an award-winning provider of advisory and tactical services to transportation and logistics corporations, has released its highly anticipated semi-annual Perspective, “Change Is The Only Constant.” Among other insights, the Perspective analyzes the unsettling mix of positive and negative factors in the global economy and its projected effect on the transportation market in 2016.

“The global economy is experiencing a massive shift as traditional economic indicators are proving to be contradictory,” said Erik Malin, Executive Vice President of CarrierDirect. “While nobody is certain on what to expect as our economic future unfolds, winning the freight fight requires creative technology strategies and unique approaches to otherwise standard methodologies.”

The Perspective, which is released semi-annually, has become one of the most widely read and discussed publications in the freight industry, frequently cited by industry analysts and expert papers. Some of the trends and their projected impact on the marketplace in 2016, as identified by CarrierDirect in “Change Is The Only Constant,” include:

1. Mixed labor market indicators and depressed global oil prices are a tribute to the almost manic market conditions, which is leading many economists to predict only modest growth, at best.

2. U.S. global trade is becoming increasingly important and will play a larger role in domestic transportation, especially as the international economy expands.

3. Millennials will be a major force for employers to adjust to, but the rewards will be substantially higher for those who embrace the new workforce compared to their competitors who don’t.

4. Asset-backed logistics providers will need to develop sophisticated enterprise strategies that maximize service for customers and returns for shareholders, in order to maintain relevancy in the next 5-10 years.

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