WAYNE, Pa – JANUARY 31, 2014 – A veteran Transportation Management Systems (TMS) industry executive announced today the launch of InfoFuse, a global provider of supply chain and logistics services and solutions. Sam Levin, known throughout the supply chain and logistics industries for his role as co-founder and president of MavenWire, will serve as president and chief executive officer. InfoFuse will provide enterprises throughout the world a broad range of best in class services and solutions to fully leverage their global supply chains. Services include implementation, hosting, training, and support.

“Supply chain and logistics technologies have proliferated in recent years, creating for many consumers uncertainty as they try to determine the ideal solution for their enterprises,” Levin said. “InfoFuse was established to clear the clutter. As we serve as a trusted advisor to help choose the most effective solution with the greatest potential, clients will meet their goals and achieve an earlier return on investment. To ensure clients enjoy rapid deployment and responsive and knowledgeable support, our team consists of highly qualified consultants whose decades of experience encompass every aspect of the supply chain and logistics industries.”

About InfoFuse
InfoFuse was developed with a vision of providing customers unmatched leadership in the supply chain, logistics, and IT infrastructure industries. Its in-depth transportation experience and global presence, coupled with its extensive IT software application background, makes InfoFuse particularly well suited to serve as a trusted advisor with the ability to adapt to each client’s environment and find the right solutions for their unique business needs and goals. For more information: www.infofusescs.com