Aug. 8 2006 05:07 PM

It goes without saying: A happy customer is a repeat customer. Nowhere is this more true than for high-growth Internet sales. But the hitch in the system is product returns. Returns are time-consuming and cumbersome for e-tailers and customers. But not anymore. An Electronic Merchandise Return option added by the U.S. Postal Service to its popular Merchandise Return Service lets customers download pre-addressed and pre-paid product return labels from your Web site. This service reduces handling and service call costs while enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Easy, Flexible, Convenient

Return labels offer flexibility and convenience to your business. Its a remarkably easy process for retailers.

Using ready-made (and free) USPS Web Tools you load onto your Web site, customers download and print labels directly from your site. This keeps your customers online and at your site.

Customers affix the pre-addressed and pre-paid return labels on merchandise for return to any central location specified by an electronic or brick-and-mortar retailer.

The Electronic Merchandise Return option can be used for products originally sent to customers by First-Class Mail, Priority Mail and other USPS Package Services parcels and can be used to return packages originally sent through other shipping companies.

In addition, you can include a return label in product shipments. If the customer likes the product and most do the label is thrown away. This is a warm, proactive touch.

Customers not wanting to download and print labels can request to have their return labels faxed or mailed to them.

Customers can take return packages to their local post offices for shipment, drop them in collection boxes or give them to their letter carriers.

E-tailers pay for returns only as products are returned. The return postage is withdrawn from a postage account you set up at your local post office.


Product returns have never been simpler for buyers and sellers. No one can take a return out of a household better than we can, says Jim Cochrane, USPS Package Services Manager. We touch every household, every day. We bring the returns counter to the customers door.


USPS Web Tools & Application Program Interfaces

Want to bring the convenience and cost reductions of the Electronic Merchandise Return option to your Web site? Youll need a USPS-supplied Application Program Interface (API). Visit USPS Web Tools at

For the Electronic Merchandise Return option API, visit


Stop by your post office to create a return postage account.

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