Shipping materials to another country no longer needs to be an overwhelming, budget-breaking process, according to the U.S. Postal Service. USPS' newest international shipping product now allows customers to send urgent packages abroad in ways that match their individual delivery needs as well as their budgets.
The Global Express Package Discount program is an addition to the already popular Global Express Mail (GEM) product line. GEM shipments are handled on an expedited basis and currently service over 190 countries and territories. Its highly competitive rates have made GEM one of the most cost-effective ways to deliver international shipments. The new Global Express Package Discount program now makes the service even more attractive for the small- to medium-sized shipper.
Typically, a business pays for this type of service with an Express Mail Corporate Account (EMCA), comments Angus MacInnes, Global Express Mail Manager. Customers who open an EMCA for international shipments automatically receive a five percent discount, and customers who ship 600 parcels or more a year internationally receive higher levels of discounts under a pricing concept we offer called an International Customized Mailing (ICM) agreement.
MacInnes says ICMs are developed between USPS and individual customers to reflect specific needs and requirements in terms of volume, shipping locations and shipping frequencies.
The Global Package Discount Program is a template form of an ICM, MacInnes explains. The program offers standardized provisions that allow pricing by customer. In addition, the discount program also offers a profiled ICM process that includes individualized discounts for larger customers.
The biggest benefit of Global Express Mail, according to MacInnes, is that it is available to addresses in over 190 countries and territories throughout the world with prices as stated. This means that the discounted prices offered through the Global Package Discount program are available for all of a customer's shipments regardless of destination. And those prices tend to be substantially lower than competitive published prices. In addition, the service offers a three to eight working-day delivery window (depending on the destination location) with tracking capabilities to over 60 countries. Customers can track shipments to major destinations themselves by logging on to the USPS' Web site at The site leads users through the tracking process step by step.
For more information on the Global Express Package Discount program, contact Angus MacInnes at 703-292-3601.