Customers, not available inventory, determine demand. Tompkins International’s new paper, Demand-Driven Supply Chains: Getting It Right For True Value, shares strategies for companies to respond in real time and meet today’s market and multi-channel challenges.

“It’s about a prompt response to true customer demand,” says Gene Tyndall, EVP, Tompkins International and author of the paper. “In the past, with outdated technologies and a reliance on consensus sales forecasts to determine supply and demand actions, supply chain managers often worried more about supply than demand. Now, demand-driven processes are turning the focus back toward the customer.”

Demand-Driven Supply Chains (DDSCs) allow companies to formulate their operating strategies to meet actual demand as close to 100% as practical.

However, the necessity for real-time planning and execution requires innovative technologies and processes. Tompkins and One Network Enterprises – a company that provides cloud-based technologies which operate on near real-time demand data throughout the entire supply chain – have formed a partnership to equip clients with rapid implementation strategies and technologies in an on-demand environment.

Adopting demand-driven processes, along with training and enabling effective technologies, helps businesses achieve dramatically higher levels of performance.

In the new paper, Tyndall outlines a three-step process:
1. Prepare the operation for a pilot test. The objective in this first step is to streamline the strategy and business processes such that a pilot test can be conducted, likely for a product category or a supply chain;
2. Conduct the pilot test; and
3. Roll out to other product categories and trading partners.

“This is a transformational strategy because it changes the way organizations think about the marketplace and their customers,” Tyndall adds. “Companies now have to consider how to replenish the end-to-end supply chain to meet actual demand, which in turn drives higher operating margins and value creation.”

Read more in the Demand-Driven Supply Chains paper, or on the Supply Chain and Logistics Blog, Inventory or Customer Demand: Which One Is Guiding Your Supply Chain?

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