Our industry has been rolling since the wheel was invented in Mesopotamia (Iraq) about 5,000 years ago. 

Three years ago, Hot Shot Delivery, Inc’s president, Eric Donaldson of Houston, Texas, launched a freight rescue program for LTL and TL carriers to avoid getting stranded overnight or, worse, over the weekend with freight that can’t be delivered until the next business day. Donaldson says, “Our freight rescue program has been a huge success. Trucking companies can off load from one pallet to a trailer load at our facility 24 hours a day to free them up to get another paying load, and we will deliver their load [the last mile] the next business day for a flat rate. This is a true win/win/win scenario. The trucking company wins by getting loaded and thus paid, the customer wins by getting their freight delivered on time, and we win because we get to be the hero." 

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