Jan. 11 2016 03:44 AM

It has been a fantastic experience personally witnessing the evolution (revolution) of transportation of goods with technology progress rapidly over the last 35 years.

Basically, we went from Local to Regional to National to Global, all the while accelerating and keeping track of the ball.

Prospective customers in 1979 would literally ask, “Why would anyone want it overnight?”

Now they want it instantly.

My electronic rolodex is exploding with talented contacts worldwide and I have thoroughly enjoyed meeting thousands of points of light constantly moving the speedometer and needle to compete against time.

Yes there has been plenty of good, bad and ugly, but as a summation, it was GREAT.

From my perspective, there is no greater job than providing a service that works, enhances the customer experience and adds to the quality of life.

Ten gems that I have found to be useful:

  1. A good attitude makes up for a whole lot of missteps
  2. You can’t improve what you don’t measure
  3. There is a whole world out there, get out and experience it
  4. The vast majority of people want to win without stealing from you. Don’t judge them like the 1% of miserable takers!
  5. The glass is always at least half full
  6. Hard work is absolutely worth the effort and nothing will make up for faking it
  7. Do something nice for a total stranger every single day, the rewards to You are incredible
  8. Think Big, be Bold
  9. It is both What You know and Who You know that count
  10. Customers are not always right, but treat them all as if they are

We have all witnessed too many people that stayed beyond their capability, and while I can’t swear I will never do anything else, I am erasing the board and retiring to travel, continue to be inquisitive, enjoy the fruits of my work and explore.

I always admired Andy Rooney’s Final Word on 60 Minutes. During Super Bowl XXIV in 1989, in my home town of New Orleans, I was wringing wet and shoeless from the gym in the Meridian Hotel and walked onto an elevator and there was Andy, who said “Soldier, you are out of uniform!” Fortunately for me, an hour earlier, I read a story about him in Reader’s Digest that was stuck into my room’s sofa, describing Andy’s favorite hotel. I said in response, “Andy, that may be, but you are not in your favorite hotel.” I swear, he was open jawed speechless, the elevator stopped on my floor and I exited smiling because I successfully told Andy Rooney my Final Word.

I have been lucky enough to have been writing in PARCEL for seven years covering a very wide range of subjects: Regional Carriers, Technology, Ground, Ocean, Air, Train, Containers, Pipelines, Space, Retail, Creativity, Same Day, Import, Export and Competition. I thank the readers, advertisers, publishers (Marll Thiede & Chad Griepentrog) and editor (Amanda Armendariz) for this fantastic experience.

Best regards to You and good luck in Your pursuit of achievements, wealth and happiness.

Rob Shirley, formerly a Columnist for Parcel magazine, CEO of ExpresShip, SVP Sales at NowDocs and VP Global Sales for FedEx, can be contacted at rsxpship@gmail.com.