Feb. 9 2009 03:31 PM

PA500w Wipe-On Label Printer/Applicator
Tharo Systems, Inc., presents the Tharo PA500w Wipe-On Label Printer/Applicator designed for accurate, moderate- to high-speed labeling to the top or side of a product. The PA500w is capable of printing and applying over 100 labels per minute and is delivered with a product sensor and controller to ensure accurate label placement on the product. A wipe-on brush ensures proper adhesion to smooth flat surfaces as well as uneven surfaces, and you can apply labels from 3” x 1” to 4 1/2” x 7” to a variety of materials, such as cartons, tray and blister packages, bags and cans.

MezzCrane System for LeanManufacturing Applications
Wildeck, Inc. introduced its new material handling and storage solution known as the MezzCrane. This innovative configuration can be customized to meet individual customer needs. The MezzCrane system has been designed to deliver the ultimate in material handling efficiency and flexibility for lean manufacturers and maintenance operations. It saves valuable space by minimizing the required footprint for manufacturing or assembly operations and it can dramatically increase material flow and efficiency in a fast-paced work environment. A myriad of options are available to easily lift, move and store materials within a work cell. The MezzCrane system enables localized staging and storage of work-in-process or finished goods above or below the mezzanine. Combining these operations eliminates unnecessary handling and material movement, which is not only more efficient and safe but can reduce cycles times and lower manufacturing costs. The Wildeck mezzanine will also be configured to customer requirements to include the required columns, framing and decking, Wildeck’s patented handrail and guard railing, safety gates for mezzanine access, stair systems (either knock-down or welded stairs), stair platforms, safety ladders, etc. The MezzCrane system complies with applicable safety standards including ANSI B30.11 for under hung bridge cranes; CMAA (Crane Manufacturers Association of America) standards; OSHA, IBC, BOCA, and UBC code requirements. www.wildeck.com.

Demountable Hybrid System for LowerGross Vehicle Weight (GVW) Trucks 
Many companies delivering products by truck have incorporated smaller class 3-5 trucks into their delivery fleets in a bid to control escalating fuel costs, add scheduling flexibility and increase the range of services they offer customers. This trend led Demountable Concepts, Inc. to develop a new demountable, or “swap-body,” system that can be used with smaller delivery trucks, thereby streamlining the delivery process. Companies can make more deliveries per day while reducing rush loading and double handling by using multiple demountable bodies with each low GVW truck in their fleet.

Instead of pulling and staging orders and then loading them into the truck when it returns from the route, the entire order can be loaded directly into a free-standing demountable body at the facility. When a truck finishes its delivery route, the empty body is swapped with an already loaded body and the driver and truck are back on the road in less than ten minutes.
Each truck’s chassis is equipped with a lock down system that facilitates the mounting and demounting of free-standing cargo bodies. Separating the body from the truck enables companies to spend less to increase their delivery capacity by acquiring additional bodies instead of purchasing new trucks. Since taking advantage of maximum payload weight capacity in smaller trucks is especially important the system utilizes crank-down legs which are removed instead of stored under the body. www.demount.com