Saddle Creek Logistics Adds 1.8M Sq. Ft. of Warehouse Space in Four Key Markets
New Distribution Centers Expand 3PL’s Network to 33.4M Sq. Ft. Nationwide

Lakeland, Fla., June 1, 2023 Saddle Creek Logistics Services today announced that the company is expanding existing warehousing and fulfillment operations in four key markets to support the needs of new and prospective clients. The omnichannel supply chain services provider is opening additional multi-client distribution centers (DCs) in Walton, Ky.; Joliet, Ill.; Myerstown, Pa.; and North Las Vegas, Nev. – adding more than 1.8 million square feet of space in the next year.

With these new facilities, the 3PL’s distribution network will encompass more than 33.4 million square feet across 31 markets nationwide.

“Ecommerce and omnichannel retail will continue to grow, as will demand for warehousing and distribution space – particularly in strategic locations that can help to reduce transit times and ensure cost-effective deliveries to a significant percentage of the U.S. population,” said Duane Sizemore, Saddle Creek’s senior vice president, marketing and business development. “Based on our experience to date in Walton, Joliet, Myerstown, and North Las Vegas, we believe these markets are optimal for serving current and future clients.”

The new facilities in Walton (232,500 sq. ft.) and Joliet (712,000 sq. ft.) are now open. The DC in Myerstown (277,000 sq. ft.) is scheduled to open in July. The 583,000-square-foot building in North Las Vegas is currently under construction and will open in early 2024.

Each of the new facilities will be:

· Conveniently located for efficient transit
Central locations with easy access to major interstates will enable one- to two-day delivery to millions of consumers in many major markets, helping to improve service levels and reduce transportation costs.

· Optimized for ecommerce
Each facility will be designed for ecommerce fulfillment with high ceilings (36’ to 40’) and offer value-added services (VAS), returns management and parcel shipping programs. The ambient space can also be used for retail and manufacturing distribution.

· Technologically advanced
The state-of-the-art DCs will offer robust systems (WMS, OMS, TMS) and automation and robotics to ensure operational performance.

“Highly effective warehousing and fulfillment operations can be a competitive differentiator for retailers and brands – enabling them to deliver an outstanding customer experience, drive peak performance, and scale for growth,” Sizemore said. “Saddle Creek will continue to invest in state-of-the-art facilities in strategic locations with the top-tier technologies, advanced processes and optimal infrastructure necessary to help our clients succeed and grow.”

Saddle Creek consistently ranks as a top 3PL and was identified as one of the top 10 North American Warehousing 3PLs in 2022 according to Armstrong & Associates, a 3PL research and consulting firm.

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