CLAREMONT, Calif. - March 25, 2014 - Lisa Anderson, president of LMA consulting Group,  and a supply chain management expert who helps manufacturers and distributors elevate business performance with increased margins, cash flow and customer service performance will aid manufacturers and distributors bridge the gap between customer service expectations and the standards set by Amazon, the realities of global competition, supply chain missteps and inadequate customer management (CMS) and e-commerce systems through a research studydesigned to pinpoint problem areas and identify areas where immediate results can be achieved through improvement.

"Not a day goes by where I don't see additional examples of how the Amazon Effect has impacted manufacturers and distributors," explains Anderson. "We are relentless in our utilization of our eagle eye focus to pin point opportunities which will not only provide a dramatic ROI (return on investment) for our clients' businesses but will also position them for increased customer collaboration and growth. It has become apparent that those businesses that leverage the Amazon effect will thrive while the rest are left in the dust."

Capitalizing on her over 25 years of experience consulting and advising manufacturers and distributors on supply chain, operations, ERP and SIOP, Anderson has created a survey instrument to gather a first round of data to share with the industry on this key trend. Anderson hopes this data will help manufacturers and distributors focus in on which people, process and system improvements are essential to preparing their supply chains to create a sustainable advantage with the Amazon effect.

"Manufacturers and distributors sometimes need a wake-up call when they are too focused on meeting day-to-day production and shipment numbers," says Anderson. "It's easy to get caught up in the daily fire-fighting and miss significant opportunities to stand out in the crowd and provide customers with not only exceptional service but also 24/7 accessibility. Those who do not consider these opportunities will be challenged to retain top customers and stay competitive."

The survey, open to qualified respondents, is available until April 11, 2014, with final results available in June, 2014. 

For information about Lisa Anderson, go to or call 909.630.3943.