Nov. 21 2013 05:07 PM

UPS 2014 Rate Increase was just announced. Average increase of 4.9% for Ground, Air and International parcel products effective December 30, 2013.

As it has historically done, UPS Ground increases are higher at the lighter weights and less impacting at heavier weights (see chart below):

The 2014 Ground Minimum Charge is $6.24, a 6.8% increase from 2013.

For years, the UPS “Daily Rates” were better than FedEx’s list rates. However, with the 2014 rate increase, the UPS Daily Rates are now a lot closer with FedEx, especially for 1-2 day service options. On the whole, UPS Daily Rates are still less expensive for 3 Day Air than FedEx Express Saver, but it depends on weight and zone configurations. 

Again in 2014, UPS “Standard Rates” will match FedEx’s published rates.

UPS also announced increases to package surcharges and accessorial charges. To preview rates and review surcharge increases, visit:

FedEx’s average 3.9% rate increase for Express products takes effect January 6, 2014, one week after the UPS increase. FedEx has not yet announced its 2014 Ground and FedEx Home Delivery increases, but it is expected to match UPS within the next few days.

It is important to note that FedEx maintains a more favorable fuel surcharge threshold than UPS for both Express and Ground packages (at current fuel prices).

A more comprehensive analysis from Shipware, LLC is forthcoming.
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