MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN, FEBRUARY 11, 2009 --- HK Systems, Inc., North America's leading automated material handling and supply chain software total solutions provider, today announces its sponsorship of the 2009 For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology (FIRST) Robotics Team. Comprised of Waukesha, Wisconsin high school students, the Team will work together to engineer the design and development of a robot to solve an assigned challenge within a six-week window.

The competition, designed to provide students with realistic teamwork exercises, problem solving situations, and a hands-on engineering experience, begins with the receipt of a common kit of parts forwarded to all participants. The students must utilize and limit their design to incorporate the kit components into the design of their submission. The robot is then shipped to the competition and cannot be modified.

The 2009 Waukesha Team is competing in two of the regional competitions - Milwaukee, Wisconsin, March 12 - 14 and Minneapolis, Minnesota, April 2 - April 4. A win at one of the regional competitions will qualify the team for the National Competition held in Atlanta, Georgia, April 16 - 18.

Committed to raising the awareness of and creating interest in the world of engineering, HK Systems is proud to provide financial assistance and educational resources for team members. Celebrating its second year of sponsorship, HK hopes to inspire students to pursue a career and enhance the contributions of the engineering community.

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