Woodcliff Lake, NJ, September 13, 2012—I.D. Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: IDSY), a leading provider of
wireless solutions for tracking and managing high-value enterprise assets, today introduced I.D. Systems
Analytics to provide new, deeper insights into the performance of industrial vehicles in manufacturing and
distribution facilities. I.D. Systems Analytics is a set of software tools that gives executives and facility
managers a single, integrated view of historical asset activity across multiple locations, generating site-to-site
comparisons and enterprise-wide benchmarks of material handling operations.

Presentation and Press Conference: I.D. Systems’ president and founder, Ken Ehrman, will host a web
demonstration of I.D. Systems Analytics for members of the media at 2:00 p.m. Eastern time, Tuesday,
September 18, followed by a question-and-answer period. To dial in to this event, please contact Joy Mei,
972-398-7329, jmei@id-systems.com

Key Points
 Assets addressed. Industrial vehicles include all classes of lift trucks, pallet jacks, tow tractors, and
other material handling equipment.
 Issues addressed. Manufacturing and distribution operations typically have a site-centric focus on
industrial vehicle activity, with limited or no ability to apply a “live,” comparative view of material
handling asset performance across the enterprise.
 Value provided. I.D. Systems Analytics provides holistic visibility and analysis of enterprise-wide
industrial vehicle activity, enabling management to make more informed, effective decisions, raise
asset performance standards, increase productivity, reduce costs, and enhance safety. Specifically,
I.D. Systems Analytics (1) quantifies best-practice enterprise benchmarks for industrial vehicle
utilization and safety; (2) reveals variations and inefficiencies in material handling activity across both
sites and geographic regions; (3) identifies opportunities to eliminate or reallocate vehicles, with full
enterprise awareness, to reduce capital and operating costs; (4) helps balance vehicle mix and informs
decisions on rentals vs. leases vs. capital purchases; (5) uncovers activity trends over time to forecast
material handling asset requirements; and (6) enables performance comparisons to broad, industryspecific
 Unique database. As one of the world’s leading providers of wireless systems for managing industrial
vehicles, I.D. Systems has accumulated a vast database of historical asset activity—from more than
50,000 vehicles, over a long period of time, across diverse facility types and industries. The unique
depth and breadth of this data enables customers to compare general industry and facility-type
benchmarks to the performance of their own sites and enterprise.
 User interfaces. I.D. Systems Analytics features 18 primary, pre-built dashboards based on more than
80 key performance indicators. User can click through the dashboards for progressively deeper data
details. The data can be delivered to mobile devices as well as computers.
 License options. I.D. Systems offers three different Analytics licenses: (1) the Basic license sends
reports to users automatically; (2) the Standard license provides a comprehensive suite of interactive
dashboards; and (3) the Professional license enables advanced users, such as database administrators
and analytical industrial engineers, to customize data extracts and presentations.