Relax for just a minute and think back to when you were nine years old, before you saw the dangers we see every day now. There wasn’t a TV in every room with hundreds of channels and you were not exposed to everything all the time. Adults were certainly under pressure then, but not in the way they are now. Consider what the kids have seen in just 2011 – every day. Unbelievable weather, violence, unemployment, housing problems, political strife and war are daily events.
Has the world really gotten away from us and run amuck? We don’t think so, and neither do you.

It is time to stretch the supply chain’s considerable talent and resources to do something BIG.

What if hundreds of logistics companies, distributors, retailers and manufacturers utilized their fantastic technology, transportation and people to do something good for others, without first analyzing what’s in it for each contributor, but using creativity, connections and wisdom just because we can and know it is the right thing to do now? How BIG is BIG? Does a free gift for every child 10 years old and younger delivered to their door by a responsible adult sound like a worthy objective? 

The supply chain makes and delivers almost everything in the world. Our world of BIG is $3.5 trillion worldwide. The resources are there and we think the resolve for a mega project that is lasting will be there too.

The best way to accomplish this is to start small. One logistics company gets matched up with one manufacturer to receive goods and then delivers to one volunteer group for delivery to a neighborhood. Every logistics company, distributor and manufacturer can help no matter what they make or what mode they use or how big or small they are.

If leadership leads the way, the entire team and their families will want to get involved. 

If we all contribute two to three hours on one day, there will not be a dry eye in the country. Due to the large percentage of the population that celebrates the Christmas holiday, local decision makers may find that Friday December 23, Saturday December 24, Sunday December 25 or Monday December 26 will best fit the needs of the kids in their area. Of course, any other date would work well, too.

There are thousands of groups who do this every year; if we had the mass of the supply chain involved, we can deliver to every child within 10 years. Giving is more rewarding than receiving and will blossom and provide joy to all that contribute. The example you give to your own children will be priceless. As a bonus, you have already found that building relationships does turn into new business

A good start would be for local logistics clubs, CSCMP local groups and/or APICS local groups to reach out to volunteer organizations like fire, police, EMTS, churches and schools to gain support along with manufacturers, distributors and retailers.

Which kids should you pick first? Kids who are special, kids who are handicapped, kids that are ill and kids who are needy will all be possible choices for help. 

SCOPE – Supply Chain Opportunity Provides Enchantment evokes the kind of project we want to be part of.
A recognized Supply Chain Leader will serve as an Ambassador for each state to begin to get SCOPE organized. These charter Ambassadors are on board: 
Colorado - Richard Ziemba, EVP Business Development for TransTek and former President ParcelTek 
Florida-Stuart Hyden, Founder, CEO of Fusion Logistics, Inc. and Past President Express Carriers Association 
Indiana-Lance Adams, Owner, Kruse Worldwide and President Express Carriers Association 
Minnesota – Larry Kelly, Founder and Owner of AirVantage and Founding Board Member of Special Kid Care 
Texas-Eric Donaldson, President, Hot Shot Delivery and Logistics and the Founder Texas Courier and Logistics Association

SCOPE is in the early stages, if you want to be part of something that is beneficial, meaningful and fun, reach out to us, we would love to hear from talented professionals in all aspects of the supply chain.

Rob Shirley is President and Wayne Ammel is EVP of ExpresShip, Inc. a strategic technology partner in the global supply chain. Rob and Wayne have formed Express Charity and ExpresSanta focused on raising funds for kids. You can reach them at and